Monday, 6 June 2011

American kindergarten kids adopt Port Macquarie koalas

A class of enterprising kindergarten kids in San Diego, California, USA, have raised money doing household chores in order to adopt not one but TWO koalas from the Koala Hospital. You can read about their hard work here.

The koalas these kindy youngsters adopted were:

Links VTR
Linksie came to the Hospital as a tiny 375 gram joey, whose mother had to be euthanased after a motor vehicle accident. Linksie was successfully raised at the Hospital and released to the wild. Click here to adopt Linksie.

Links VTR by koalawrangler
Links VTR, a photo by koalawrangler on Flickr.

Westhaven Barry
Barry is a small male koala who suffers from scoliosis and a bit of a grumpy temper! He is a long-term resident of the Hospital. Click here to adopt Bazza.

Westhaven Barry by koalawrangler
Westhaven Barry, a photo by koalawrangler on Flickr.

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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Dunbogan Dave, just hangin' about

I was strolling around the Hospital grounds the other morning and noticed one of the joeys in the joey yard perched in the bough of a tree.

I decided to go into the yard to check things out and found that it was the handsome Dunbogan Dave! Did you know that you can "adopt" Dave (which helps raise money for the Koala Hospital)?

I wrote briefly about the arrival of Dunbogan Audrey with her joey, Dunbogan Dave. They were admitted to the Koala Hospital back in November 2010. Audrey was particularly run down, with an unhealthy brown coat, and had clearly been struggling to find sufficient nutrition for her and her joey.

Not that you would know that from looking at Dave, who was at least in better condition than his mother - although on closer inspection turned out to be underweight and malnourished. It's often the case that joeys still get the best of care, when Mum is going downhill. However, in this case, they both came into the Hospital in the nick of time.

As Dave was being borne on his mother's back, we were able to separate them in order to focus on bringing them individually back to health. Dave went into home care for round-the-clock feeding and care, while we concentrated on optimising Mum Audrey's nutrition and general health.

In no time, we were able to release Audrey back to the wild - her work raising her joey now complete. As for Dave, he came back into the Hospital to reside temporarily in our joey yard. This is when supplemental feeding stops and the joey is left to eat leaf and climb to their heart's content - generally building up their climbing muscles and acquiring the skills needed to be a koala in the wild.

Some video of Dave:

Adopt Dunbogan Dave now, by clicking here!

Bye Dave!

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Saturday, 26 March 2011

A Wild Koala in Hamlyn Drive

This little old guy was holding up 'traffic' on Hamlyn Drive (actually he mostly was the traffic), before I shepherded him towards some trees at the top of the street.

Armidale Clyde

Clyde came to us from the New England town of Armidale, some four hours' drive away from Port Macquarie. He was suffering from the chlamydial eye infection, conjunctivitis.

He gets brought into the treatment room for his eye treatments, followed by a nice feed.

Here is Clyde having a ear-rub before being escorted back to his unit by Peter.

How to catch an escaped koala...NOT!